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Team Turnout get their BH

We are so proud of Dominic and Turnout! Dominic is a first time Corso owner and a first time dog owner. Dominic set a goal to pass the BH with Turnout and yesterday...they accomplished their goal!

What is the BH?

The BH (Begleithund) test is a companion dog test that requires a serious commitment to training. The first part of the test is a temperament test. Any defects in the dog's temperament will typically disqualify the dog from the title. The next part of the title is the field trial that includes heeling, 180 degree turns, sit in motion, down with recall and long down with distractions and off leash heeling in a specific pattern. Then testing in traffic is next. This tests how the dog reacts in public with bicyclists, groups of people, cars, joggers and other dogs.

Before being allowed to enter for a IPO I title, the dog must first have successfully completed the BH.

Turnout and Dominic are the second PrideNJoyz team to achieve the BH title. Hopefully, we will have many more in the future!


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