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Honorable Mention & Memorials


We created this section of our website to showcase dogs that are part of the PrideNJoyz family that may not be an active part of our breeding program but, still contribute to the passion of the breed.  We always encourage our families to get out there and show the world the amazing qualities of the breed.  We have families that participate in rally, lure coursing, herding, conformation, obedience and many other fun events.  This is one of the ways we thought to say thank you.  

The final product of Bobby.jpg


Beer Can Bobby

Bobby raised the most money for Verona Street rescue and got his head on a beer can!  He's named after Bobby Bakala from The Sopranos (although we say Bobby "Barkala"). Like the character, he's not just big and strong, but also surprisingly gentle and kind. He LOVES meeting new people - especially young children - and other.   dogs. Bobby is a well-known and loved member of the Rochester community, melting hearts wherever he goes.  He definitely resembles his grandmom, Bob.

Bobby is from our Ugo (Avitus' Count Ugo Carnifex di Windypine) x Yatzi litter . 

PrideNJoyz Ya Filthy Animal

Zuchi out for a ride_edited.jpg


City Girl

While Zuchi has no titles....yet, she is a wonderful asset to her owner as a helper when he trains dogs.  Zuchi and Ryan travel and help train dogs with behavioral issues.  She lives her life in the city and enjoys trips to the suburbs and country to stretch her legs.  We look forward to see what they will achieve.



West Coast Girl

Kali is living at Royal Cane Corso in Washington.  She already has her health testing complete, AKC championship and her CGC and CGCA. 

Kali aka CH PrideNJoyz Stealing the Spotlight, CGCA is from our Phantom's Apache Revenge and Spanky litter.



Resident Mini Horse

Ragu is not part of our breeding program but, does live permanently at PrideNJoyz. He is a giant boy with a goofy personality.  Ragu is from our Dayday x Glow breeding.  Ragu is currently working on his trick dog novice tile!  
Ragu is from our Daitan VDL x Glow litter . 

PrideNJoyz In Dispute.

Kira waiting for pets


Amazing Rally Girl

Kira and her dad have accomplished many titles in rally advanced, lure coursing, temperament testing, and has her BCAT.

Kira is out of our Matteo and Spanky litter.  
PrideNJoyz One Sweet Whirled RN, CA, CGC, TKI, BCAT



Canadian Man

Beside being a social media superstar, Brinks and his momma have outdone themselves.  Canadian champion, Canine Good Neighbor, Coursing Ability, Herding, CHIC certified and therapy dog.
Brinks had a wonderful life in Canada and was another fantastic puppy from our Saggio and Aria litter.

BISS. CAN. GCH. PrideNJoyz Bank Heist Eh, HIC, CGN, TDI, TT, CAX2

Oct 23 2017.jpg


Working Girl

Sushi definitely found the right home that put in the work to get her to be an performer at obedience events.  She loves walks, snuggling and working.

Sushi is the dauther of Mar E Sol's Saggio and Aria. 

PrideNJoyz Raw Deal.

Crickett Lure Coursing 092714.JPG


Sweet and Speedy

Crickett is our happy girl.  She loves people and going places.  She developed a passion for lure coursing and now Fast CAT.  Everyone who meets Crickett just falls in love.

Crickett is another of one of our Saggio and Aria puppies.  

PrideNJoyz Up All Night CAX


These are the ones who leave us in physical form but stay with us in our hearts and memories. 


So many pets touch our lives, here we would like to capture those who are part of our family in one way or another.    


January 30, 2020

Ragu (Daitan x Glow)

Ragu lived most of his life here at PrideNJoyz. For health and temperament reasons he was not including in the future of our program.  Those in his small circle loved him dearly and laughed at his antics.  His floppy cropped ears just added to his personality.  Ragu loved playing with Yatzi and being with Scott more than anything.  He even obtained his trick dog title!  Unfortunately, we had to make a difficult decision to let him cross the rainbow bridge sooner than we would have liked.  


October 13, 2017


Belmont came to us unexpectedly.  He was a homeless dog living in Fairmount Park.  We helped rescue him (on behalf of Cane Corso Rescue) and fostered him while he looked for a home.  We ended up deciding he was already home with us.  He enjoyed 9 years with us.


October 26, 2018

Lola  (Fuoco x Glow)

Lola was loved by her family in Boston.  She had her quirky side and was a bit too spoiled at times.  While we didn't see her much, we did get to visit her.  She will always be our Lola Pinkypants.  Unfortunately, we lost her suddenly after a routine procedure.  


November 19, 2017

Aria  (Rambo x Sapphire)

Aria is the mother to one of our litters.  Aria lived in New Jersey with her family and her son, Guiseppe.  She was a sweet girl, who loved her mom dearly.  We lost Aria suddenly from a ruptured tumor.  She reminded us so much of her mom, Sapphire.

April 23, 2018

Brinks  (Saggio x Aria)

Brinks was amazing.  He was beautiful inside and out.  You couldn't help but fall in love with him via social media or in person. Bone cancer took him too soon from us. Thankfully, his mom took wonderful photos for us to cherish forever.  He will never be forgotten.


August  28, 2014

Sapphire (Tuff x Jara)

Sapphire was the dog that started PrideNJoyz.  She was feisty and sassy and stubborn.  She taught us so much about dogs and the Cane Corso breed.  We lost Sapphire to mammary cancer in the middle of her life and miss her every day.  

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