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Being able to health test the Cane Corso in our breeding program, as well as those in pet homes not used in our program, gives us the knowledge to make informed decisions. We do require all of our puppy families to test their dog's hips, heart and eyes, at the appropriate age, as part of our contract.  There are many problems and diseases that cannot be improved without health testing. While the results of our testing might not always be what we would hope for, and results provide knowledge.

As hobby breeders, it is important for us to improve our breeding program with every dog.  Unlike many other breeders, we encourage our owners to health test dogs placed as pets too (and offer rebates). We advocate health testing so that we can make the best decisions for the breed and Cane Corso going forward.  Health testing is more than testing breeding dogs, it helps us to learn more about inheritance of diseases that affect the Cane Corso.  We are proud to show our health testing statistics below:

  • 23 PennHIP/OFA Hips Tested

  • 12 OFA Elbows Tested

  • 8 OFA Patellas Tested

  • 2 OFA Shoulders Tested

  • 2 OFA Thyroid Tested

  • 19 OFA Cardiacs Tested by Cardiologists

  • 18 Dogs Tested for Eye Certifications over multiple years.

  • 4 CHIC Certified

      Last updated 9/26/2021


PrideNJoyz Health Statistics


Titles & Awards

We are very proud of each of the dogs in our program and the ones we have produced. We are exceptionally proud of the dogs that show us just how versatile the Cane Corso can be and still be a Cane Corso.  We encourage our owners to do more with their Corso and even offer rebates for those that accomplish these titles.  If you are interested in owning a Cane Corso and doing more with your Cane Corso, we would love to have you as part of our extended family.

PrideNJoyz Dogs have proudly achieved the following titles:


Conformation Accomplishments

  • 6 AKC Champions

  • ARBA Champion

  • NAKC Champion

  • Canadian Champion

  • 3 AKC Grand Champions

  • CCAA Grand Champion

  • ICCF Grand Champion

  • Best in Specialty Show

  • AKC Multiple Group Placing

  • AKC Group Placing - Bred by

  • AKC Group Placing - Owner Handler

  • #2 Cane Corso in Canada 2010

  • 1st Female to Win Working Group in AKC

  • 1st Female AKC Champion Cane Corso

  • #1 AKC Bitch - All Systems 2010

  • #3 Cane Corso - All Systems 2010

  • 2010 CCAA Regional Specialty - BOS

  • 2010 CCAA Regional Specialty - BOB

  • 2010 CCAA National Specialty - BOS

  • 2017 CCAA Regional Specialty - BOS

Temperament Accomplishments

  • 20 Canine Good Citizenship (USA)

  • 2 Canine Good Citizen Advanced

  • Canine Good Neighbor (Canada)

  • 9 Temperament Tested

  • 2 Farm Dog Certified

  • 2 IPO Companion Dog (BH)

Sporting Accomplishments

  • 4 Herding Instinct

  • 5 Lure Coursing Ability

  • 2 Lure Coursing Ability Advanced

  • Lure Coursing Excellent

  • 2 Fast CAT - BCAT 

Obedience Accomplishments

  • 5 Rally Novice

  • 2 Rally Intermediate

  • 2 Rally Advanced

  • 2 Rally Excellent

  • 7 Trick Dog Novice

  • 2 Trick Dog Intermediate

  • Trick Dog Performer

  • 1st EVER Trick Dog Performer Elite Cane Corso 

Other Accomplishments

  • IPO 1

  • CCAA Working Dog of the Year

  • 4 Univ of Penn Blood Donors

  • 3 Therapy Dogs

  • SDA Family Obedience

  • SDA Protection 1

PrideNJoyz Titles & Awards

PrideNJoyz Titles & Awards


Questions & Answers

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