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How We Start 2019

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Congrats to Hammy and his momma for making the list for the AKC Rally Invitational!

Congrats to Brooke and Banner for obtaining their Trick Dog Novice title at 8 months! Banner is from our Maverick x Spanky litter. Your rebate will be coming soon!

Congrats again to Dave and Kira (Matteo x Spanky) on their new rally titles...level 2 championship, level 3 title and an ArchX ! Another rebate will be coming.

So proud of Crickett (Saggio x Aria) and Bodhi (Geronimo x Spanky) for trying out barnhunt in the cold wind. Of course, handsome Bodhi got tons of compliments on his looks and Crickett on her personality.

Yatzi got in more practice to hopefully get her ready for the next barnhunt trial. We were happy to see she was back to barking and biting at the rat to give us a good indication.

Before our trip to barnhunt, we stopped up at Quakertown Farmers Market to pick up raw food from Top Quality Raw and from Butter Creek Poultry. We saw this handsome formentino Corso in the field and realized, it was Turnout (from our Maverick x Spanky litter)! Wow, he has grown into a big boy. His parents have done a great job training him. Then out comes Kira and her parents to pick up their raw order! What a great coincidence! We love getting to see PrideNJoyz puppies!

Ragu (Daitain x Glow) had a fun hike in the park while his boys looked for sticks on a chilly day.

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