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Winter litter with Yatzi

We are very excited to announce Yatzi's first litter!

We have bred her to a very happy and energetic boy named Ugo. Ugo is Avitus' Count Ugo Carnifex di WindyPine. He was bred by Jolayne at Avitus Cane Corso in Canada from Bob aka Bocaia of Bajer and WindyPine's Sure Shot aka Greeny.

He lives with a family in North Carolina amongst some beautiful cats and a variety of farm animals. He is well loved by his humans and vice versa. Ugo came up to spend a few weeks with us so, we have first hand knowledge of his temperament, movement, structure and type. :)

We won't know for sure if we are having puppies but, we have an ultrasound planned for early December and if all goes well....puppies should arrive around the New Year!

More information can be found directly on our website and by visiting Avitus Cane Corso's website.

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