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New Additions to the PrideNJoyz Family

All of the puppies from our Ugo x Yatzi litter have found wonderful homes.

I decided to keep Falala or as we now call her, Navi short for Navidad. She will stay here and grow up with the rest of the crew. Navi has a lot of energy like her mom and has started working on her show training and obedience. We are excited for her future here. Her official name is PrideNJoyz Fraaa jeel aay. All of the puppies from this litter have Christmas themed names:

PrideNJoyz Seeing is Believing aka Hank

PrideNJoyz Ya Filthy Animal aka Bobby

PrideNJoyz The Grinches Heart Grew aka Jovie

PrideNJoyz Yippie Ki Yay aka Holly

PrideNJoyz Buzz, Your Girlfriend aka Tessa

Well also added something different to the mix...a French Bulldog. I have always wanted to add a Frenchie to the mix but, it was just never the right time. Thank you to his wonderful breeder, Ksenia, we added Waffles! He is a stunning red fawn and gets along great with all the girls here.

Check out our Intagram or Facebook for photos!

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