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Busy December

December is looking like it will be a busy month for us. While Winna is recovering from her leg injury, we are keeping busy with the other dogs.

Spanky and Yatzi have been working on their barnhunt exercises. Yatzi has been going with Dave to rally classes and to handling classes with Krissy.

A big congrats to Athena's co-owners and breeder on her Winner's Bitch award at the CCAA Regional Speciality in November. She racked up another 3 points towards her AKC Championship. We look forward to seeing her out in the ring in the upcoming months.

Yatzi went to her first show. While we didn't earn any points, she showed great and really enjoyed herself. We will be taking Yatzi out to another show in December . Then a few weeks off for the holidays. We also did early x-rays on Yatzi's hip and received great results from PennHIP! Check her page for details!

Vullo is looking for his forever home. We will not place him with small children, cats or other dogs . He would do best with a bachelor or bachelorette that can be a leader . If you know anyone who might be a good fit for Vullo, please direct them to our website.

HUGE CONGRATS to Hammy and LA on achieving their BH. BH stands for Begleithund or Companion Dog and is the prerequisite temperament and obedience test for IPO. You cannot obtain any further titles in IPO without theBH. The BH consists of three parts – the written test (for you, not your dog), the obedience pattern, and the traffic portion. This is not an easy achievement.

Good luck to Dave and Kira on their upcomiing trials!

Have a safe and relaxing holiday season from all of us!

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