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Game Show Litter - Weeks 1 and 2

Life is quickly changing for these little babies the first two weeks. From birth til now, they have moved from crawling to wobbling. They can now see and hear too! Red collar is a our female of the quadruplets aka Yatzi. She is very active in the whelping box moving all over.

Green collar (aka Po), Orange collar (aka Grit) and Blue collar (akaQbert) are the boys. At this stage, Orange collar seems to be the most mellow of the boys. We will see how that develops over the next 6+ weeks.

We have implemented ENS during this timeframe as well. ENS is early neurological stimulation. This process is used to try to give the puppy a superior advantage. Each day we performed five exercises with each puppy. 1) Tactical stimulation 2) Head held erect 3)Head held down 4) Supine position and 5) Thermal stimulation. We perform the test during rapid neurological growth.

We have also started introducing various scents. Each day we let them sniff one mild scent. We have used rubber, raspberry leaf tea, wood (they all loved this one)

Their eyes and ears are open at the end of the 2 weeks.

Nest week they will start lapping liquids and learning to walk and play.

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