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RIP Belmont

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Belmont, our rescue boy. He was with us for 11 years after her survived in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia on his own for quite some time. We worked with many volunteers and rescues to capture him for months. We volunteered to foster him and he ended up staying with us. He was a very sweet boy to those he knew. He loved digging and laying in the sandpit and hanging out with Glow. He loves car rides and sleeping in grandpop's bed. We found out recently that he might have cancer and took him into the vet for X-rays. Unfortunately, the x-rays were not good and you could see where the bone has deteriorated. To prevent him from more pain, we said our goodbyes on October 5th. He will remain in our hearts and memories. We love you Beebs.

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