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Our previous breedings

For those of you who might be interested in our history, we are very selective when planning our litters. Each and every litter makes us proud and teaches us something.

Even after being involved in breeding for about ten years, we are still new to the breed. It is important to keep learning and trying to improve the breed and our program.

Previous Breedings:

2007 November 2

Rambo (della Valle dei Lord) x Apex's Sapphire

(2 Males & 3 Females)

Apex's Renzo

PrideNJoyz Diesel

GCH PrideNJoyz Afterglow, RN, CA, CGC, TDI, HIC

PrideNJoyz Aria, CGC

Apex's Diva

2011 October 31

Mar E Sol's Saggio x PrideNJoyz Aria

(2 Males & 2 Females)

Can. CH PrideNJoyz Bank Heist Eh, CGN, CAX

aka Brinks (owned by Avitus Cane Corso)

PrideNJoyz Hero of Two Worlds aka Giuseppe

PrideNJoyz Up All Night, CGC, TT, CAA, HIC aka Crickett

PrideNJoyz Raw Deal aka Sushi

2011 November 9

Windy Pine's Xerxes x PrideNJoyz Afterglow

(1 Male & 1 Female) - "Legalese Litter"

CH PrideNJoyz No Autographs Please, CGC aka Wally

PrideNJoyz The Fine Print, CGC, CA, RN aka Inky

2012 May 28

Fuoco della Nevaia (owned by Allevamento dell Nevaia - Italy) x PrideNJoyz Afterglow

(1 Male & 5 Females)

PrideNJoyz Great and Powerful Oz, TT aka Oz

PrideNJoyz Naughty Girl, CGC, TT aka Spanky

PrideNJoyz Stark Lady of Swords, HIC aka Arya

PrideNJoyz What Lola Wants aka Lola

PrideNJoyz Teachers Pet aka Nika

PrideNJoyz Feisty Spirited Countess aka Tessa (Service Dog)

2013 August 12

Poseidon dell'Antiqua Apulia x PrideNJoyz The Fine Print

(2 Males & 1 Female)

PrideNJoyz I Got Your Back, SDA FO, SDA P1 aka Enzio

PrideNJoyz Looks That Kill aka Matteo

PrideNJoyz In Vito Veritas aka Kona

2013 August 17

Daitan della Valle dei Lord x PrideNJoyz Afterglow

(2 Males)

PrideNJoyz In Dispute aka Ragu

PrideNJoyz Status Symbol, CGC aka Lusso

2015 August 1

PrideNJoyz Looks That Kill x PrideNJoyz Naughty Girl

(2 Males & 4 Females) - "Ice Cream Litter"

PrideNJoyz Maple Thor, CGC aka Thorin

PrideNJoyz Graham Central Station aka Zeus

GCH PrideNJoyz Holy Cannoli , CGC aka Winna

PrideNJoyz One Sweet Whirled, CGC, CA aka Kira

PrideNJoyz Strawberry Not So Shortcake, CGC aka Lilo

PrideNJoyz Eskimo Kisses aka Shelby

2016 July 2

Phantom's Apache Revenge x PrideNJoyz Naughty Girl

(4 Males & 4 Females) - "Fireworks Litter"

PrideNJoyz Stealin the Spotlight aka Kali (owned by Royal Cane Corso)

PrideNJoyz Disturbing Peace aka Django

PrideNJoyz Thunderstruck, CGC aka Briggs

PrideNJoyz Lil Bit of Thunder aka Boomer

PrideNJoyz Bring the Heat aka Bodhi

PrideNJoyz Curfew Breaker aka Cali

PrideNJoyz Pixie Dust aka Xena

2017 June 6

Arturo (Italy) x PrideNJoyz Naughty Girl

(2 Males & 1 Female) - "Baseball Litter"

PrideNJoyz Triple Play aka Hampton

PrideNJoyz Who's On First aka Rookie

PrideNJoyz Great Catch aka Daisy

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