Our love of the Cane Corso began over 10 years ago.  We take great pride in the puppies we produce and strive for amazing type, temperament, structure, and health.


 We are a Cane Corso preservationist and naturally rearing breeder,. We raise our puppies following the Puppy Culture methodology, which means feeding a species appropriate diet, limited vaccines and reinforcement training.  


We have had the pleasure of attending various events and visiting kennels throughout the world to expand our knowledge and friendships.  We have served on the board of various dog clubs and volunteered with rescues over the years. 


Our passion for this wonderful breed definitely shines through and placing our puppies in the best possible homes is very important to us.  With that said, we are very picky about the homes we approve and hope you are just as picky about the breeder you choose.  We like to keep in touch with our extended families so that we can answer questions, offer assistance, educate and visit throughout the puppy's life.  We believe that a Cane Corso reflects the time and effort its breeder and family puts into its training and upbringing.



We are looking for families who want to be active with their Cane Corso, try new activities (such as lure coursing, agility, barnhunt, etc.) in addition to being part of the family.  Our goal is to place our dogs and puppies with families that are like-minded .  They are first and foremost our pets., however, we enjoy taking them out and showing their true abilities and character.


In order to keep improving our program, we look for homes that are willing to be part of our passion by co- owning dogs that will remain intact (not spayed or neutered).  These homes will need to continue with positive training and socialization and being involved in various activities/events with the what will be an amazing Cane Corso.  We do not sell puppies with full breeding rights.

We are  planning a litter for the summer of 2020.  In the meantime, we encourage families to reserve a puppy early by filling out a puppy application.



About the Cane Corso


As most good breeders will tell you, this is not the breed for everyone.  We firmly believe this and interview potential families to ensure proper placement.


The Cane Corso is a guardian breed and needs early training and families who can provide rules and consistency.  They are more than just a pretty face!  






We perform various health tests going above and beyond what is required/suggested by the AKC parent club.  This helps us make better decisions in our program and, the breed as a whole.  Health testing helps to gain control over health issues to obtain healthier Cane Corso and minimize genetic issues where possible.


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Natural Rearing*


We believe in raising better dogs by using a more holistic approach to their lives.  We do our best to avoid toxic chemicals and substances while following a raw diet and limited vaccines to boost our dogs immune systems.


We educate owners on feeding raw and providing a healthy natural lifestyle for their Corso.


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Titles on dogs provide evidence that our dogs can adapt to different surroundings, perform various duties and have a greater enjoyment of life.  Titles are a way to honor the time and effort their families put into them long after the event is over.  It helps families and dogs bond on a deeper level.  We believe it is a symbol of pride in your Corso.


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Puppy Culture*


Puppy Culture is an added benefit to our puppies enrichment based on behaviors as the puppies grow in using positive training methods and taking advantage of their ease of learning at a very young age.  Our goal to raise puppies to be stable dogs, better thinkers and easier to adapt to their environment.




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The Breed Standard

There are two breed standards that we believe in adhering to when it comes to the breed, AKC (American Kennel Club) and ENCI ( Ente Naziononale della Cinofila Italiana).

We breed  toward the Italian standard while keeping the AKC standard in mind.  You can find both standards online at the respective websites.



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News & Updates

We try to stay active in the dog community whether it be dog shows, barnhunts, or just taking the dogs for a ride.  We love that our puppy families are active with their Corso too.  We like to find new and fun activities.  Check out our blog to see what we are doing now.

Breed Proud


We can't help but be proud of all the Cane Corso that we have produced and the ones that we have owned (even the honorary ones).  To support the breed we are passionate about, we have designed shirts, decals, and various other items for others to show off the breed!


We believe that knowledge is power and there is a lot of information out there.  We try to share useful information, articles, videos or links that might help others with their dogs too.




Tel: 215-368-5697 

Philadelphia Suburbs, PA

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of the low price is forgotten." ~ Benjamin Franklin

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